How We Manage Your Project

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Project Management System

Preconstruction Services

If you have not made a final decision as to the extent of your dream project and want a sound basis for your plans to move forward, MWC offers our preconstruction consultation.

These services include:

  • Preliminary budget analysis

  • Value engineering

  • Pre-Construction Estimating

We will conduct a value engineering study of your project. Our study will permit you, as the client, to make decisions based on various project approaches, product choices, and their associated costs. We offer a variety of construction alternatives and options to make the right choices for budgeting your dream.

How We Manage Your Project

We use the “MWC Project Management System,” a proven management process, developed over years and implemented with the experience of our key professionals.

Obtaining the Greatest Value thru our bidding process

Marshall White Construction Inc. will solicit competitive bidding from our long list of qualified subcontractors. We breakdown our bids into standard industry groupings and obtain bids from multiple subcontractors for each component part of the project. MWC then provides a complete information proposal to both owner and architect. All subcontractor contacts are managed through our project management office where changes are managed in the most expeditious manner. Our continuous review speeds up the bid process and helps keep your project on schedule. The importance of selecting quality professional subcontractors, who have been prequalified for the job, assures a timely and quality built project. MWC subcontractors understand the importance of good value, a principal that extends throughout the MWC team.

Our criteria for selecting the right subcontractors for the right project include the following qualifications:

  • A thorough understanding of competitive pricing with a focus on value and craftsmanship

  • A thorough and complete understanding and capability based on the scope of work

  • A proven record of safety, and a written and approved safety program

  • Subcontractors must meet all MWC standards of excellence and meet all compliance requirements.

  • Subcontractors must possess adequate and competent manpower, management, and supervision.

  • Subcontractors must understand the MWC Project Management System process.

  • A thorough understanding of the project schedule and the subcontractors commitment to that schedule

  • A long history of financial stability and proven successful financial performance

Managing the Project Schedule

The MWC Project Management System performs a complete analysis of the entire project at the onset, and schedules comprehensively, all activities for all construction phases of the project. The master schedule integrates all work, both on and off-site. Milestones, are established, and updated using state of the art “Microsoft Project Management Tools”, a key tool of the MWC Project Management System. The MWC “PMS” continually, monitors, analyzes all activities and identifies critical decision points during the entire project, start to finish. The MWC "PMS" permits our project management team, the ability to identify and resolve problems and conflicts that may affect any aspect of the project schedule. During the weekly team meetings the schedule will be reviewed with all project team participants.

Our project schedule analysis monitors the following:

  • All architecture design considerations

  • All engineering design considerations

  • Subcontractor performance/schedules/craftsmanship

  • All details of actual construction activities

  • Supplies, materials and equipment on hand or delivery status

  • All regulatory inspections

  • Final Inspections and Clean up List

  • Owner acceptance

Project Accounting

The MWC Project Management System uses industry standard accounting practices. The team continually updates the project budget and makes changes based on current project activities and modifications. The owner is updated at the scheduled meetings on changes in budget, time and payment schedules. The actual billing is broken down into divisions and cost codes corresponding to your original project budget.

The cost/budget breaks down into the following categories:

  • Description of work

  • Scheduled impact

  • Change orders approved

  • Revised schedule impact

  • Previous budget vs. current budget

  • Materials and supplies on hand

  • Percent project complete

Project Meetings

The following meetings will take place throughout the project:

Subcontractor Schedule Meetings are held weekly from the onset of the project. A representative from each subcontractor currently scheduled to perform work will attend the meeting. The Site Project Manager for MWC will conduct the meeting.

Safety Meetings are held weekly from the start of the project. These meetings are conducted by the on-site foreman. Attendance by all subcontract employees on the job is mandatory. Weekly meeting minutes will be provided to our Site Project Manager. A report of these meetings will be made at the weekly senior management meeting.

Owner’s Review and Control Meetings are held at a minimum of every two weeks or as outlined and agreed to at the beginning of the project. Attendees to this meeting are at least two of the following individuals: the Site Project Manager, the Senior Construction Manager, and/or the Principal Senior Project Manager from MWC. In addition a MWC secretary will be present to document the meeting in writing. The project architect and design consultants are encouraged to attend this meeting. At this meeting the following information is provided and reviewed:

  • Review minutes and approve from prior meeting

  • Review anticipated change orders

  • Review status of all RFIs and change orders

  • Review all look ahead schedules and critical decision logs

  • Review architect’s design updates

  • Review critical decision list procurement status

  • Review current budget and cost controls

  • Review status of current schedule and any required changes.

  • Review owners questions/concerns

The minutes of all meetings will be forwarded to all parties for general approval.

Job Safety

All subcontractors will be required to provide the following:

  • Material safety data sheets for all materials to be used on the project site

  • Bi-weekly toolbox safety meeting reports

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Certificate with coverage’s and limits acceptable to Contractor

  • Current State Contractors License

  • General Liability Insurance Certificate with coverage limits acceptable to Contractor

MWC Project Staffing

The MWC Project Management System uses a combination of office and site based personnel as follows:

Site Foreman

The Site Foreman is the hands on lead craftsman, performing carpentry and associated duties. The Site Foreman is also responsible for scheduling the MWC employees and subcontractors for the project. In addition, the Site Foreman will schedule, acquire and finalize all associated building inspections and sign offs. The Site Foreman is also responsible for maintaining a safe work environment.

Site Project Manager

The Site Project Manager is the on site construction manager, responsible for the production of the project, procurement of materials, supervision of employees and subcontractors. In addition the Site Project Manager is responsible for the overall site management, and satisfaction of the client.

Senior Construction Manager

The Senior Construction Manager is the MWC roving trouble shooter, identifying potential problems before they become real problems on the project. The Senior Construction Manager is responsible for estimating, scheduling and quality control for each project. In addition, the Senior Construction Manager resolves construction issues with the architect and the engineers and assures customer satisfaction through all phases of the project.

Senior Project Manager

The Senior Project Manager has total oversight of the MWC Project Management System (PMS). This key manager reviews all information from the first budget or estimate to the final contract. All elements of each project flow through the project management system’s office. The Senior Project Manager reviews and controls all documentation for accuracy. This documentation includes; budgets, proposals, schedules, change orders and invoicing. The Senior Project Manager is responsible for the final job closeout and customer satisfaction.

Project Completion and Owner’s Manual

As a condition of final payment, all subcontractors are required to provide us copies of operations and maintenance manuals for all materials and equipment used on the project. MWC will present all these manuals together, including a table of contents and present them to the project owner. Product warranties are provided as well as warranties from all subcontractors that their work will be free of defects for a period of one year. This one year warranty period begins on the date of the project completion. During this period any corrective measures which need to be made due to defective products or workmanship will be replaced at no additional charge to the client. Certain products carry warranty periods past one year, in which case the extended warranty for those items would apply.

Client Referrals available on request.

We care about our environment

As a green certified builder MWC Inc. has adopted an overall environmentally friendly approach, and a green attitude about all the work we do each day. We drive a fleet of Hybrid company vehicles wherever possible. Our policy is to recycle on jobsites and to emphasize a green approach with our subcontractors. We actively seek out and evaluate green products and the use of green technology in our work. Our key managers are green trained and certified.

Our long term vision is in sync with a sustainable building style. We seek out green solutions that make economic sense.

These green solutions consider:

  • Environmental impact
  • Quality products
  • High performance products
  • Effective applications
  • Smart work
  • Durable products
  • Healthier products

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