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How We Manage Your Project

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Our Principles and Values

We have been in the construction business since 1983 and depend on our clients returning to us over the years for their future building projects and their referrals to new clients. We have successfully achieved continuing client satisfaction by providing all the information they need to make sound buying decisions throughout the life of their construction project. We see ourselves as a Contractor that endeavors to manage the clients’ expectation by providing all the available information upfront and throughout the project.

Click here to step into the world of Marshall White Construction, Inc.We believe that gaining a true understanding of our clients’ goals, priorities, and desires, assures a faster, and more cost effective construction project.

We are a professional services company, managing information flow from, to and among our clients and all team members, ultimately leading toward the desired end result of an outstanding and enduring home or project. We see our work as a, “lifetime experience”, that we share with our clients. Our most important goal is a positive client relationship, which means a satisfied client. We believe in upfront information and avoiding “down the road” surprises. It is our goal to never place the client in a position where they are surprised about costs at any point throughout the project. Our standard business practice is “full disclosure of all the information available to us upfront”; we think this is the only way to conduct business.

We extend this principal of fairness to all our relationships: family, employees, subcontractors, designers, architects, and clients. We enjoy working in this industry everyday, because we have developed wonderful relationships over many years. The relationships we build are based on trust.

We are professional information managers focusing on every detail and involving our clients and team members in all the decision processes. We provide sound counseling to our clients, based on our many years of experience. We listen to our clients, after all, it is their “dream” we are building.

We seek to organize the building process effectively so that potential problems are identified and eliminated before they impact the project. Any time we reach a decision point in a project, we involve our team members, and clients, providing possible alternatives, and the impact of their decisions, in terms of time and costs. The effort we put into doing things right the first time not only offsets the pitfalls that can plague a project, but assures dividends in time, quality and the bottom line cost of the project.

First conceived when we founded MWC in 1983, these working principles keep the MWC founding philosophy alive today. “Complete a job so that our customers want us back and their referrals are our next jobs.”

These are the working principals that make it possible to live our founding philosophy when we started Marshall White Construction:

"Complete a job so that our customer wants us back
and their referral is our next job."

For detailed information on the MWC project management system, please see:


Marshall White Construction Inc. has been building and restoring fine homes and commercial projects since 1983. Over the years we have faced many unique challenges working on very unique projects. We have built spectacular and unusual new homes and have restored some of the area’s finest old homes. We work in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and San Francisco counties. We build over the entire spectrum of construction from historic restorations to the most modern contemporary home. We are often selected for the complex projects that other firms may not want to take on. We have never found a unique and complex building concept beyond our capabilities. In fact many of our clients ask us to modify designs as we build their projects. We are known for our flexibility and adaptability to our clients changing needs. Whether you are considering a large project or a smaller bathroom or kitchen renovation, you should at least get a quote from Marshall White Construction Inc. You’ll know then, that you have gotten the best to compare all others too! In addition to the residential home owner, Marshall White Construction Inc. works with Professional Property Management companies, repairing, updating and retrofitting their apartment complexes.

Our relationship with the local town authorities is excellent. We have a working relationship with the planning commissions in towns like Belvedere, Tiburon, Sausalito, San Anselmo, Ross, Kentfield, Kenwood, Glen Ellen, and Novato, to mention a few. We are well known in the design and architecture community for the outstanding projects we have been involved within the industry. These include historic home restorations to historic commercial building restorations. Our attention to detail in these projects is without parallel. One of our recent restoration projects in Larkspur was the feature article and on the cover of “Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival” magazine. Our projects have been featured in local and national magazines including “Kitchen and Bath Business”, “Inside the Bungalow”, “Better Homes and Garden”, and California Home and Design” magazines. Over the last two decades we have been turning complex and unique dreams and ideas into reality for our clients.

Our Management Team

Marshall White, President of Marshall White Construction Inc., has worked in the construction industry for 35 Years. He has done “it all”, starting out in the trades and eventually starting up Marshall White Construction in 1983.

Marshall is an individual with strong character, known by all that work with him as fair, honest and forthright in all his business dealings. There are no hidden agendas when you do business with Marshall White. He is an outstanding citizen who serves his community as a county commissioner and an outstanding family man who serves God and country daily. He is an individual always willing to help.

If you get to know Marshall White, you are a better person for the experience. His strong leadership and management skills form the structure for a successful company of professionals that make the success of your project a reality.

His sense of fairness in everyday life is the reason he has enjoyed long-term loyalty of his team, many of whom, have worked with Marshall for over two decades.

Ted Soloski, Vice President, Senior Project Management, for Marshall White Construction Inc. has become a master of project management. He oversees the daily project management side of the business to assure that critical timelines are met and clients are informed and decisions are made so the projects move forward as planned.

Ted manages the vast amount of paperwork and logistics it takes to make it all happen, on time, on the jobsite. He manages the information between the design team and the production manager on the job site. Ted, like the rest of the Marshall White management team, is a solid citizen and family man in the local community.

Roger Mollison, Senior Construction Manager. Roger brings a set of unique skills to the team as a roving Senior Construction Manager in the field, reviewing design issues and the work of the onsite foremen and site project managers. The foremen and site project managers are the eyes and ears for Roger on the project.

He is an expert at identifying potential problems that may develop and jeopardize the project schedule. Roger has the ability, after decades of experience, to uncover often overlooked problems before they materialize. Roger is a solid citizen of the local community whom clients like to know and trust as they build their dreams.

Stephen Hoffmann, Project Site Manager. Steve has been working in the construction industry for 31 years, and has years of experience as a project manager. Steve has worked on a variety of significant projects throughout the North Bay, Lake Tahoe, and Truckee area.

Steve’s focus at MWC Inc. is on the production side of projects. Steve has a long history of on-time project completions. Steve understands the importance of excellent communications with all team members and especially our clients. Steve has decades of experience working on demanding projects for discriminating owners, architects, and engineers. Steve is keenly aware each day that he must demand the finest craftsmanship and results from all subcontractors, material suppliers and the MWC Inc. craftsmen who are working on the projects.

Client satisfaction is Steve’s number one daily work goal. Steve is a family man, who enjoys and spends quality family time in the outdoors whenever his schedule permits.

Bridget Shurtz, Office Manager. If you have called the office of Marshall White Construction Inc., over the last fourteen years, the telephone was most likely answered with professionalism and courtesy by our Office Manager Bridget Shurtz.

She is always willing to help and dedicated to resolving your needs as promptly as possible. Bridget has been running our office for over a decade and provides the know how to make the paper flow and keep the books and records accurate. She is the managing source of our historical information and provides the details the team needs to facilitate the information flow to our clients and extended team members.

Bridget manages the required information to get the job done accurately and on time. Accuracy and attention to detail are the trademarks of Marshall White Construction Inc, an achievement realized for our clients, because of dedicated managers like Bridget.

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